Imperial Bingo
The weekend is upon us and we'd like to invite you to take your place among our list of Progressive Jackpot Winners. With £11,000 in Progressive Jackpots available right now there has never been a better time to add your name and walk away with enough money to do what ever you have always wanted to do.

Due to the random nature of our Jackpots they could be won at anytime. All you have to do is be playing with a single card and your Jackpot dreams could come true this weekend.

Mamma Mia Tournament

As you know we changed how you can earn Mamma Miles for June and it has had quite an effect on the standings. Have you checked where you are? Check out the standings below and the website to see exactly where you are and make sure you are pushing on to that coveted top spot and the dream holiday for you and a partner.

# Nickname Mamma Mia Miles   # Nickname Mamma Mia Miles
1 dingaling  1,952,428   11 dylansnan     284,309
2 ShakeYourBalls     645,489   12 mumsy19820     232,193
3 rosieann     489,747   13 laposs     226,766
4 dogmaster     398,394   14 HOGGYWAFFLER     212,795
5 zoedennett1     386,577   15 knitting     202,270
6 andre80andre80     376,528   16 Lilou37     200,200
7 happpycamper     357,159   17 jackie500     200,022
8 terriann     351,000   18 purdie11     195,357
9 archie999     342,968   19 CHARLIEbigPOTATOES     185,800
10 decatmom     313,500   20 missjke     183,671

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